Sara Bracewell

About Me

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I am a full stack web developer who produces websites that clients will love. I am an outgoing person, with great communication and project management skills. I enjoy working with a diverse and collaborative team. I am excited to work for a firm that believes in work-life balance and flexibility and that values their staff as much as their clients.
I completed a six month, intensive full stack coding program at the University of Minnesota. I live in St. Paul, Minnesota. I am currently looking for a full stack web development position. I really enjoy designing a website from front to back.
Back-end development: as a former bookkeeper and controller I love numbers, data crunching and analyzing data. In this area of development, I get to use that love of data to make databases that inform users of information that is important to them.
Front-end development: As a former landscape designer, I have been excited by the ability to design and create again when working on the front-end of a site. I have always loved creating and designing and get energized when I can give a site the right look and feel and making the page responsive to a variety size viewers is key.
My background is eclectic. After college I worked as a landscape designer and project manager for many years. I then went work for a marketing firm. I started in bookkeeping and office management and was promoted to Client Coordinator and got to work more to help my peers with video editing, email nurturing sequences and website editing. I found that I loved going deep into the code and figuring out how to make things do what it was supposed to and puzzling out issues on sites. I decided to learn more and started with online classes which just weren't enough. I enrolled in the full-stack coding program at the University and loved it. Now that I am done with classes, I am looking forward finding a job in we development in a firm that believes that work-life balance and a flexible work environment.
I am married to a great guy, have 2 children (who keep me on my toes and astonish me daily) as well as 2 cats, 1 dog and 3 aquariums (and yes, we have a very full house!). I love spending time with my family and friends, traveling, hiking, kayaking and fixing up houses.